806 Benge Drive #3, Arlington, Texas 76013

Why We Are Different From Other Repair Shops?

Quality Of Parts

Other Repair shops use a cheap China copy LCD Screen, where as I use the Apple Original or Best quality Premium Screens


Other repair shops offer 30-90 day warranty. I offer Life time Warranty

Hidden Fees

Almost all of the repair shops have price increase after You go to the store. All You need to do is send me a Photo, I check it and tell You the price to fix it. No Tax and No other Hidden Fee.

Repair Time

For front screen repair it will not be more than 15 Minutes. For back glass repair it will be 1-1.5 hours depending on the model. For other stores it will be 4-5 hours and mostly it will be next day for the back glass repairs.


 I do offer best quality Premium free full screen Protector for free. No fee for screen Protector

Additional Services

 I offer free full servicing.

  •  Cleaning Charging port
  • Cleaning Ear piece
  • Cleaning Speaker
  • Cleaning Loud Speakers
  • Cleaning Buttons
Our Renowned Services