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The most Cheapest Water Damage Repair For iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy Phones

  • iPhone water Damage Repair
  • iPad water Damage Repair
  • Apple Watch Water Damage Repair
  • Samsung Galaxy Water Damage Repair
iPhone water damage repair

iPhone Water Damage Repair

We do iPhone water damage Repair when repair is cheapest option

Well, Sometimes Water Damage Repair is not the cheapest option for our customers. Because Severity of water damage depends case to case. When iPhone is exposed to water damage there are very very rare chances that your iPhone Screen will remain undamaged. Water damage to iPhones may damage cameras, Mics, Loud Speakers and even no part can remain safe from water damage 

Why Choose us for iPhone water damage repair

In most of the cases when your iPhone is subjected to water damage repair, there is a need for Logic Board Level Repair. So we only choose water damage Logic Board Level Repair for our customers when it is the cheapest option available.
We highly encourage you to drop a line to iPhone Repairs Arlington for knowing more about Water Damage and we will also guide you on whether it is feasible for you to get a repair. 
Though we are already cheaper and you will find us sincere with you when it comes to water damage.

Few Fatalities of water damage to iPhones

  • iPhones that are without Face ID e.g iPhone 6 – iPhone 8 Plus and SE 2020 Chances are very less to survive Water damage
  • iPhones that are with Face ID e.g above iPhone 8 Plus their Face ID will never work after Water Damage. NOTE: Apple can,t fix Face ID and obviously no repair shop can fix it.
  • Water Damage Repair is unpredicted for cell phones if it is working all well after repair than after some time few other parts may stop working e.g Mic, Speaker, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.

iPad Water Damage Repair

iPad water damage repair did,t hold worth

Why iPad Water damage Repair did not hold worth? As iPhone Repairs Arlington provides the cheapest repair prices but still repairing water damage to iPad did,t hold worth because you may buy a new iPad in good condition at the same or little higher price. However, if you want to save your data then we will be able to do it with Logic Board Level Repair.

We will only do a login board level repair in case of water damage for iPhone or iPad when fixing iPhone or iPad is the cheapest option available



Apple Watch Water Damage Repair

Frankly Speaking Water damage on i-Watch is impossible.

For Water damage Repair to Apple Watch the is no way to fix that. In simple words, it is cheaper to get a new Apple watch than to get repaired Water damaged  Apple Watch.

Avoid Using Apple Watch With Broken Screen

If you are using Apple Watch with a Cracked screen then get your Apple Watch Broken Screen Replaced Right Now. Because cracked Apple watch Screens can easily get damaged with a little amount of water and when it gets water damages the will be no way to fix that.

Samsung Galaxy Water Damage Repair

Frankly Speaking Water damage on i-Watch is impossible.

If you are looking for a cheap option to get your Samsung Phone rescued after water damage then stop looking for it. Because Samsung parts are costly and it is nearly impossible that Water Damage to Samsung Galaxy Phone will worth it. When it comes to Logic Board Level Repair when Samsung galaxy Phone is not turning on after water damage then again there is no way to fix Logic Board of Samsung Phone because Samsung do not let their schematic to go out of their company unlike iPhones.

Frequently Asked Questions

No iPhones are not water proof but higher model iPhones are water resistant mean less water damage.

No, We did not do guaranteed water damage repair for any cell phones, whether it is iPhone or Samsung Phone. Because your phone may encounter new issues after some time.

Apple can not repair Face ID not working problem only thing they can do is to replace you a new iPhone. It mostly happens after water damage to iPhone.  

iPhone or iPad needs logic board level repair when water damage is higher and iPhone or iPad is not turning on.

Well, it depends only on luck but iPhones with lower models then iPhone 8 Plus with home button also needs home button replacement along with screen replacement. And home button touch id part will be no more working and it totally depends on level of water damage how many things are damaged.

  • Screen
  • Face ID
  • Battery
  • Touch Id

99% of the phones with water damage will have these problems.

The one and only thing you should consider is water damage repair for Apple did not worth it. Man you can buy a new Apple watch instead of getting your watch Repaired.

There is no way to fix Samsung water Damge mainly because of 2 reasons.

  1. If you get repaired water damage to Samsung phone then you may be putting enough money to but a same quality Samsung phone.
  2. Samsung Company Never let their schematics to go out of company. So repair shops can not do Logic Board Level Repair to Samsung Galaxy Phones.

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