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iPhone Screen Repair / Replacement Cheap Price and fastest in Arlington, TX.

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iPhone Screen Repair

We Replace Cracked iPhone Screens with Apple Original Screens

We Accomplish same-day and cheap iPhone Screen Repair in Arlington, TX. Please keep in mind we are cheap but we don,t use low-quality screens and other parts on your cell phones. We always use the best quality AMOLED  screens available in the market. As a value addition, we provide a free full-screen protector after iPhone cracked screen replacement. Screens for all iPhone models are available in stock for same-day Cellphone screen fix services.

iPad Screen Repair

Get your shattered iPad screen replaced from high skilled repair specialist

Repairing an iPad cracked screen is a highly skilled job. In most of the cases, only iPad screen glass is broken, LCD is not broken!. To save your costs iPhone Repairs Arlington retains Apple Original iPad screen after detaching cracked glass from the screen and gluing Fresh glass on a thin layer of iPad LCD to maintain your routine workflow. Repair parts for all iPad models are ready to use and available in stock to provide the fastest cell phone repair services.

Apple Watch Screen Repair

Handover cracked i-watch for repair in safe and skilled hands

We accomplish repairs for i-watch shattered screens with high accuracy and skills for all models of Apple watch. If you are looking for cheap and quality repairs for your broken i-watch then there will be 2 scenarios for screen damage.

  • Only the i-watch screen or front glass is cracked while no damage to the LED.
  • Apple watch LED is also damaged along with glass.

If LED  is also damaged then the repair price will increase for apple watch screen repair. 

Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair

we are experts at damaged or broken Cell phone screens repair

Alongside screen repair/replacement for apple devices, we also provide Samsung galaxy screen repair services for all Samsung Galaxy phones. As a matter of fact, repair parts prices for Samsung cell phones are costly but iPhone repairs Arlington do crack Samsung screen repairs at very cheap prices. Know Samsung screen price by dropping us a line or you can see our review section to confirm that we are really cheap in Arlington, TX. We are cheap but it does not mean we compensate for quality. We provide a lifetime warranty for all phone repair services and also for Samsung galaxy screen repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cheap china copy iPhone screens can cause several problems.

  • China Copy screens can break easily with little shatter.
  • Home button may stops working after few days in case of cheap china copy iPhone screen.
  • You will feel difference in touch sensitivity after some time.



Yes, iPhone Repairs Arlington always provide lifetime warranty for all repairs including iPhone broken screen repair

As we are highly skilled and experienced in damaged screen repairs. So we don’t simply replace your iPad screen with cheap china copy LCD. What we do is, we extract only broken glass from iPad’s non damaged LCD from thin and delicate layer of iPads screen smoothly without damaging Apple original LCD to replace broken glass with fresh glass. This way we are able to retain Apple original LCD  from broken layer of glass with our high skilled job

If both LCD  and iPad screen glass is broken we will replace iPad screen with best Apple Original quality screen available in market. However it will be costly than only shattered glass. replacement.

If bright white lines appear on to your i-watch screen then it means that Apple Watch LED  is also damaged.

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